..... is a training programme by the teacher to the teacher


Respected sir / madam,

Congratulations for being the visionary of an educational institution. We hope that you and your team of educators are doing well for the academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular school activities.

However, some questions like the following must have flashed in your mind…

  • Collaborate with parents or to treat them as adversaries?
  • Invest in expensive infrastructure or enrich the learning environment?
  • Heighten competition or foster collaboration in class rooms?
  • Prepare for academic performance or nurture soft –skills?
  • Circumvent regulations or strive for differentiation?

In the recent past, these are the dilemmas that haunt in the minds of most of the managements. It is purely due to globalized education, stringent but vague government policies and increased competition. 

Smart Teacher. In has emerged out as an easy and effective academic solution now. It is a comprehensive solution which uses very specific and effective learning tools for teachers, students and parents.

It surely improves teacher’s creativity and motivation, overall learning of students and manages parent’s expectation.

We wish you all the best for your journey of educating the youth with us along...

Please confirm your expected date and time for us to meet you. We will be there to conduct an appropriate workshop for your institution.


Programme Coordinator

Smart Teacher Team